SCRAM Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring

In times past, when someone committed an alcohol-related crime, the answer was typically jail or prison time, especially for repeat offenders. But in this day and age of technology, there are new ways of keeping people accountable for their actions without solely relying on the jail and prison systems. For example, the SCRAM Remote Breath device. Whether you want to test these devices in your jurisdiction as a court system or you’re a client required to buy one, let Axis Monitoring supply you with this device! We not only supply these devices, but also help set up and monitor their use. Call 844-267-9600 or pay online for your alcohol monitoring in Kansas and Arkansas today!

SCRAM Remote Breath InformationWichita, KS alcohol monitoring

The SCRAM Remote Breath alcohol monitoring device allows those charged with alcohol crimes to lead productive lives outside prison or jail! This device can keep those who commit these crimes in check with periodic breath tests for alcohol content. A big feature in this monitor is its facial recognition software. In the past, some would use another, sober person to take a breath test for them. However, this remote breath monitor can tell a supervision officer or court if someone passes a breath test. It can also confirm whether the client is truly the one taking the breath test.

This device also reminds clients to take a test so the law doesn’t have to. It’s a great investment for individuals and governments alike — the device stores over 48,000 breath tests! The remote breath device has GPS monitoring. Even if the client goes out of cell service the device will automatically forward results when they return to an area with service. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this monitor. It keeps clients accountable for taking their remote breath tests.

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Our company seeks to find innovative and productive ways to keep those who commit crimes out of jail with devices like SCRAM Remote Breath alcohol monitoring. We’re one of the only suppliers for SCRAM brand products in Arkansas and Kansas! We even offer an online payment system! Call us at 844-267-9600 for reliable alcohol monitoring in Kansas and Arkansas.