SCRAM House Arrest Monitoring

Whether you’re under house arrest or a curfew, if a court orders these punishments, you’ll likely be expected to purchase a monitoring device in most jurisdictions. Depending on the crime, this monitoring device can range from one with GPS capabilities, alcohol monitoring or both. Our company supplies reliable and effective SCRAM House Arrest monitoring in Kansas and Arkansas! We also provide setup help and more for those wearing and monitoring these devices. Call us at 844-267-9600 for your monitoring device!

About the SCRAM House Arrest Devicewichita, KS house arrest monitoring

SCRAM is a company that develops alternatives to imprisonment with GPS tracking, alcohol monitoring and other capabilities. Our company is proud to be the top supplier for SCRAM products in Kansas and Arkansas! We also carry the SCRAM GPS, Remote Breath and Continuous Alcohol Monitoring devices.

The SCRAM House Arrest monitoring device attaches to the ankle. It offers several anti-tamper systems to keep the wearer in check, including strap tampering, BMI, temperature and more. Plus, the house arrest monitoring device is the smallest radio frequency system of its kind! These devices can connect through landlines, the internet, cell phones and more — any home communication system can connect to the SCRAM House Arrest device! The device then sends its signal directly to SCRAMNET, which is the sole website collecting location data for these devices. This monitor can be used in lieu of incarceration in certain cases. Overall, this device effectively keeps clients at home or under curfew and in line with the law! 

Your Top Source for SCRAM in Kansas and Arkansas!

Our company wants to supply people with innovative drug testing, alcohol monitoring and more in order to reduce imprisonment and recidivism rates in our service area. Thus, we supply SCRAM House Arrest monitoring in Kansas and Arkansas for those convicted of crimes as well as law enforcement, supervision officers and courts. This keeps more people out of jail! We can help set up your house arrest device and answer any questions you may have. We also have an online payment portal for your convenience! Call Axis Monitoring at 844-267-9600 today to get your SCRAM product!