SCRAM GPS Monitoring

When you are accused or convicted of certain crimes, a court may require you be under constant GPS monitoring. The cost for such monitoring often falls to the client. Our company supplies these devices, as well as alcohol screening bracelets and much more! Axis Monitoring is one of the few suppliers for Kansas and Arkansas SCRAM GPS monitoring devices! Simply call us at 844-267-9600 to purchase your location monitoring device.

About the SCRAM GPS

SCRAM GPS BraceletUnlike GPS monitors of years past, the SCRAM GPS is a one-piece device. Whereas other monitors are easy to break free from since they are usually made up of a separate strap and monitor, this device’s all-in-one design makes it much harder to remove. However, installation is a breeze! It only takes 30 seconds to successfully attach this GPS device to a person, and it requires no tools whatsoever.

The SCRAM GPS attaches to the ankle and gives out a constant signal of someone’s location for law enforcement and probation officers to track. Not only can they track a client, but law enforcement and clients can also communicate with each other 24 hours a day, 7 days a week directly through the GPS monitoring device. Plus, the strap is tamper-resistant! It can withstand extreme temperatures, impact and shock. It is also waterproof. The device has over 40 hours of battery life! Finally, the SCRAM system allows law enforcement to keep tabs and set up alerts when someone enters a certain area. Altogether, this device ensures that law enforcement and courts can keep track of clients and high-risk defendants.

Axis Monitoring: Your SCRAM Dealer for Arkansas and Kansas!

If you need a SCRAM GPS monitoring device, call Axis Monitoring. We can help set up the device for you in accordance with the court. Our goal is to supply drug and alcohol monitoring devices in order to reduce incarceration rates! We even offer an online payment system for client convenience! The drug testing and monitoring products we provide help us accomplish this goal. Plus, we are one of the only suppliers for SCRAM devices in our service area! Give us a call at 844-267-9600 for your location monitoring device.