SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

alcohol screening bracelet Wichita, KSThere are many different alcohol testing methods — urine, blood, breath and saliva. However, with urine and saliva tests, drinkers can simply drink in the window between tests and pass them with flying colors. On the other hand, for continuous, daily testing, there is the SCRAM ankle monitor. This alcohol monitoring device provides automatic tests every 30 minutes, eliminating this time window between tests as an effective sobriety solution! If a court has ordered you to purchase an alcohol screening bracelet in Arkansas or Kansas, call Axis Monitoring! Alternately, if you’re a probation officer in charge of purchasing alcohol monitoring devices, we can help you as well. We are the best dealer for SCRAM devices in Kansas and Arkansas. Contact us at 844-267-9600 in order to purchase SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring in Wichita, KS.

About SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Device

The continuous alcohol monitoring device attaches to the ankle and constantly monitors someone’s alcohol level through their transdermal alcohol level (or perspiration). This device works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to monitor and detect alcohol intake. As long as a person’s blood alcohol content is 0.02% or more, the bracelet can pick it up. Plus, this device has heat monitoring in order to detect possible obstructions between the bracelet and the skin. It can also distinguish between alcohol consumption and alcohol in the environment (like spray paint).

The best part? There are no backup tests necessary if the bracelet senses alcohol intake! Plus, the monitoring device regularly transmits its data through landlines or ethernet cables to supervision officers and courts. This makes for constant and convenient analysis with continual, 24/7 support from the SCRAM staff.

Your #1 Alcohol Screening Bracelet Source in Arkansas and Kansas!

Axis Monitoring is a proud supplier of SCRAM devices! Our company believes in finding alternatives to incarceration with rehabilitation from home. In order to accomplish this, we supply our clients and supervision officers with drug tests and alcohol monitoring devices. You can also pay for your alcohol screening bracelet online for your convenience. We are one of the only suppliers in Kansas and Arkansas for SCRAM devices! Call 844-267-9600 for SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring in Wichita, KS.