RediTest® Alcohol-Saliva

As a supervision officer or client, depending on your jurisdiction, the law may require you to buy drug and alcohol tests before or after your trial. Luckily, Axis Monitoring has a convenient way to make this testing process faster and easier than ever! Reditest® Alcohol-Saliva test strips are a quick way to determine someone’s saliva alcohol level without a urine test. Contact our company today at 844-267-9600 to purchase these handy tools for Kansas and Arkansas alcohol monitoring!

About the Alcohol-Saliva Testalcohol monitoring

The RediTest® Alcohol-Saliva Test comes in convenient test strips which make for fast and direct results! There is no need to send this test to a lab, meaning there is no waiting involved! As long as the person taking the test has an alcohol concentration in their saliva over 0.02%, the test strips can pick up on it. The test identifies the alcohol levels at 0.08% and 0.30% as well. Not only are these test strips easy to use, they also come with an affordable price tag! Plus, they come in a small package, making them convenient to carry.

Since this test is on saliva only, the tester doesn’t have to worry about the gender of the person they are testing. Although urine tests work well in their own right, over the years people have found ways around it. They may drink lots of fluids in an attempt to dilute their urine. Or they may put other substances in the urine in order to pass the test. However, there is no tampering with a saliva test! This means accurate results for testers with only a two-minute wait.

Your Alcohol Monitoring Supplier

Our company believes in finding alternatives to incarceration with our Kansas and Arkansas alcohol monitoring products. The Reditest® Alcohol-Saliva Test lets supervision and law enforcement officers know whether someone has recently consumed alcohol with an easy, two-minute test! Plus, we make it easier than ever to pay for drug testing devices through our company with online payments. We are the top supplier for alcohol-saliva test strips in our service area! Call us at 844-267-9600 or order online for these fast and convenient alcohol test strips.