PharmChek® Patch

Are you required to buy your own drug tests after a crime conviction? Or maybe you’re a supervision officer or drug testing facility who has to supply these tests to clients of your own. Whatever the case, Axis Monitoring is here for you offering pre-trial monitoring in Kansas and Arkansas! The PharmChek® Patch is an alternative drug test that tests for an extended period of time and requires no urine tests. These sweat-testing patches come with many different advantages. We supply Pharmchek® Patches to those who need them. Call us at 844-267-9600 or order these convenient drug tests online today!

About the PharmChek® Patchpre-trial monitoring

The PharmChek® Patch by PharmChem, Inc. is a stick-on drug monitor that looks like a bandage and tests the wearer’s sweat for drug content. It tests for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, methamphetamine, amphetamine and PCP. The patch can last for 10 days of wear or longer! This continuously tests the wearer for these drugs, unlike urine tests, which only test for drugs taken in a certain time window. This makes the patch more accurate.

The patch benefits the wearer in that it’s discreet enough to hide under clothes, unlike bulky ankle monitors. Also, it doesn’t require monitored urine tests. These patches benefit drug testers with their accuracy. As long as the person is wearing the patch, it will detect ANY use of the above drugs. It can also learn the exact drug that the person used since it monitors the parent drug as well as the drug metabolite. Both the wearer and the tester will benefit from using the patch — its accuracy deters drug use. One downside, however, is the patch requires separately sold lab tests to detect such drug use. This form of drug testing does not bring immediate results without first being sent to a lab.

Where We Come In

Axis Monitoring is not a manufacturer — rather, we are a drug testing and monitoring device supplier! We are your source for pre-trial monitoring in Kansas and Arkansas and beyond. Our company serves defendants, probation officers and anyone else who needs reliable and convenient alternatives to the urine drug test! Call us at 844-267-9600 or order online today for monitoring and drug testing solutions!