Drug Testing

When it comes to drug testing, the traditional urine test comes to mind for many. However, we offer not only urine drug tests but also alternatives, like the patch and the saliva test (for alcohol). Axis Monitoring supplies drug testing devices and more in order to increase home rehabilitation and reduce incarceration rates. If you need to buy drug tests for yourself as a client or for clients of your own as a supervision officer, contact us for pre-trial monitoring in Kansas and Arkansas! Give us a call at 844-267-9600 for our affordable drug monitoring tests.

PharmChek® Patchpre-trial monitoring Wichita, KS

An alternative to the urine test, the PharmChek® Patch is a bandage-like drug test that screens a person’s sweat for drug use. The benefits of the patch are numerous: No urine, discreet appearance, and no possibility for dilution or adulteration. This type of test is regarded as more accurate, both because it tests the wearer at all times and because it can detect the exact drug the person used.

RediTest® Alcohol-Saliva Test

If you need to test for recent drinking, the alcohol-saliva test is your best bet. The alcohol-saliva test offers many advantages. It’s affordable, small and easy to carry. It’s also gender-neutral, which eliminates the need for an observed urine test. Plus, it provides quick results in just two minutes! This handy test detects a saliva alcohol concentration of 0.02% or higher. And as with the patch, urine dilution becomes a non-issue with the alcohol-saliva test.

RediTest® Panel-Dip Test

If you instead need to test for prescription and/or illegal drugs, the urine test is always the best in terms of variety. The RediTest® Panel-Dip urine test screens for over 10 prescription and illegal drugs, meaning it can detect both prescription abuse and illicit drug use. The panel-dip test makes it easier than ever to perform a drug test: Simply collect a urine sample, dip the test and get drug screen results! The test only takes five minutes time, no wait for lab results required.

We are your best local supplier for drug testing devices. Give us a call at 844-267-9600 for pre-trial monitoring in Kansas and Arkansas!