With the rise of technology comes devices and products that offer an alternative to jail and prison for certain crimes. When it comes to alcohol and GPS monitoring in Kansas and Arkansas, you can count on our company for these outstanding devices and more! Axis Monitoring supplies courts and clients with devices and tests using this technology to keep communities safer and reduce recidivism rates. We also provide support services with all our devices to help courts and supervision officers use them effectively to combat crimes like DUIs and more! Call 844-267-9600 for pre- and post-trial monitoring devices and drug tests!

Products We Supply

Our company supplies a wide range of drug testing and location monitoring products that help keep communities safer! These devices help make repeat offenses less likely. For your convenience, we offer online ordering to all our customers for these outstanding products.

Drug Testing

  • PharmChek® Patch — This patch tests perspiration for several drugs and can be worn for 10 days or longer, no urine test needed!
  • RediTest® Alcohol-Saliva — A quick saliva test detects recent alcohol use in just two minutes!
  • RediTest® Panel-Dip — This classic urine test screens for several illicit as well as prescription drugs.

Alcohol and GPS Monitoring

  • SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring — This alcohol screening bracelet automatically tests perspiration for alcohol use every 30 minutes.
  • SCRAM GPS Monitoring — An anklet with location services, this GPS device helps law enforcement keep track of clients! It has several anti-tampering mechanisms to hold clients accountable during their monitoring.
  • SCRAM House Arrest Monitoring — A heavy-duty ankle bracelet, this device will alert authorities if someone isn’t complying with house arrest orders.
  • SCRAM Remote Breath Testing — Facial recognition, as well as alcohol breath testing capabilities, sets this monitor apart from the others.

Our house arrest and alcohol monitoring systems do not require a land line phone connection. SCRAM devices can connect through a land line, internet connection, or comes with cell connection capability for communication.

Other Services

scram monitorNot only are we a dealer for drug tests and monitoring devices, but we also provide unbeatable support services! Our specialists, located throughout Kansas and Arkansas, can help set up your device specifically for your jurisdiction. Our company also has the expertise on all these devices to answer any questions you may have. We even provide monitoring services for all the devices we supply!

Your Top Source for GPS Monitoring and More

Whether you’re a lawmaker who wants to learn more about the proven benefits of alcohol and GPS monitoring in Kansas and Arkansas or you are a client required to buy a monitor or drug test, you can count on our company! Call us at 844-267-9600 for any of the above tests and devices.