How It Works

So you’ve been sentenced to house arrest, GPS monitoring or alcohol monitoring in Kansas or Arkansas. Now what?

Your first step is to get in contact with a monitoring company in your area! Licensed in every county in both Kansas and Arkansas, our company is up for the job. We supply clients and local governments with state-of-the-art products that can effectively reduce jail and prison rates. However, this is simply the beginning of our services. We are also a 24/7 GPS, house arrest and alcohol monitoring service. In other words, we can keep tabs on our clients for local governments to make sure they follow court orders. Not only that, but we can also provide court support and testimony for clients in courts and more! Call Axis Monitoring at 844-267-9600 to begin our valuable services.

The Process

scram-camOnce you or a family member contacts us, we will take a little information about your situation to determine your needs. Our next step is to contact your supervision officer and, if required, the court. We stay in touch in order to let them know you’re complying with their orders. Altogether, our main goal is to make the alcohol monitoring process as simple as possible. In order to do this, we provide court-approved electronic devices and monitor clients like you.

Then, we set up a time to meet and set up your monitoring services. Whether you can come to us or you need us to come to you, our company is flexible in nearly every aspect of our services. We can meet you either at the jail or even in the comfort of your home to set up your monitoring services. Our company works directly with both clients and their supervision officers to make sure clients comply with the court during the course of our monitoring. Rather than just leaving clients after our initial setup meeting, we instead stay in touch with them continuously to address any concerns they may have.

Finally, at the end of your monitoring period, you pay us a visit in order for us to remove a wearable device (or to simply return any equipment that is non-wearable). Our company will then let the court know you’ve successfully completed the monitoring program. We want to get you back to real life as soon as possible by providing a simple and seamless process for monitoring services.

Your Top Local Monitoring Company

If you’re anywhere in our wide service area, chances are we can assist you. Contact Axis Monitoring at 844-267-9600 for top-notch pre- and post-trial alcohol monitoring!