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Holidays and Travel When Under House Arrest

Being under house arrest is not easy. The holidays can make it more difficult; a person under house arrest with an electronic monitoring device may be upset at having to stay home for the holidays. So, the question may come up: can you travel when under house arrest?

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Follow the Law for Holidays and Travel When Under House Arrest.

Holidays Under House Arrest

When under house arrest, even with a monitoring device, there may be some legal flexibility available for your schedule. This depends upon the nature of the crime. There are other legal factors in each individual situation. If a person is confined to the house alone and cannot go any farther, it may be more difficult to request and be granted further travel for a holiday like Thanksgiving. Common conditions for house arrests may include trips to see a probation officer, going to school, and visiting a relative at a pre-approved location.

To go any farther than the locations allowed in sentencing would need an official request, with no guarantee of a positive result. If the person under house arrest has maintained a clean record of activity since being sentenced, the court may be lenient. However, going far outside a city, or out of state, may be impossible unless there are extreme circumstances, such as a death in the family.

In general, there is no harm in going through appropriate legal channels to request holiday travel when under house arrest. However, it’s also a good idea to have a back-up plan. Ask your family if they will come see you while you’re under house arrest. It is better to do that than go against your sentence.

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Benefits of the SCRAM Remote Breath Alcohol Monitor

Wichita, KS alcohol monitoringWhen people commit alcohol-related crimes, it’s easy to want to send them to jail. While this seems like the best option, there are a lot of other crimes that warrant jail time and space. In order to keep alcohol-related offenders accountable, there is an easier way with the SCRAM Remote Breath alcohol monitor. Unlike a regular breathalizer, the SCRAM Remote Breath alcohol has a lot of more benefits. Below are the benefits of the SCRAM Remote Breath alcohol monitor.

Holds You Accountable

As stated before, this is a great way to hold individuals who have committed alcohol-related crimes accountable. Because it monitors whether they have consumed alcohol, it ensures that the offender stays in line and follows the rules.

Recognizes Faces

With a traditional breathalizer, anyone is able to blow into it. One of the best benefits of the SCRAM Remote Breath alcohol monitor is that it has facial recognition technology. There will never be the risk of someone else covering for a person who committed an alcohol-related crime; This device can positively identify if the right person is taking the test.

It Tells You When To Take the Test

Usually, a court will assign an alcohol test for those who have committed alcohol-related crimes. That can be a little inconvenient, but with the SCRAM Remote Breath alcohol monitor, it alerts the individual when they need to take their test. Also, the monitor has GPS, so the test results will be sent in no matter what.

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DWI- Circumstances That Decide Your Fate

Breathalyzer EquipmentWhen you are arrested for a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), it’s not only unnerving but also scary and unpredictable. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, you could face charges that range from probation to license suspension to jail time. Knowing the guidelines and measuring system can give you a better idea of what the outcome of your situation may be, and may help you know what actions are coming next.

Is This Your First?

Multiple offenders will almost undoubtedly receive harsher penalties than first-time offenders. Often, first-time offenders receive probation, fines, and community service in lieu of jail time or license suspension. However, if you have multiple DWI infractions on your record, your chances for the less harsh punishments such as alcohol awareness or license suspension may be off the table. A judge may still be willing to entertain the option of breathalyzer testing and/or house arrest. His decision will usually depend on criteria like whether you are employed, have a family, or have a place to live.

How did Your Arrest go?

Contrary to what your friends say, be respectful and polite to your arresting officer. This doesn’t mean tell Officer Johnson your life story, but be polite and do what is asked of you. If you find yourself in a situation where you have been arrested for DWI and the arresting officer has stated in his report there were problems, the judge will be much less likely to work with you.

How Drunk Were You?

In Kansas, the legal BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) limit is .08%. Anything over this is considered legally drunk. However, there will most likely (though not always) be a little leeway given if your BAC is .09% than if you come in with a BAC of 1.3%. The amount of alcohol in your system typically has a great affect on the severity of the punishment handed down.

For many first-time DWI offenses, breathalyzer monitoring is allowed if the circumstances are fitting. When you find yourself in need of breathalyzer equipment and set up, call Axis Monitoring for friendly, explanatory service that monitors and records your data automatically.

What to Expect During House Arrest

If you are not a repeat offender or have been convicted of a violent crime, you have a good chance of being eligible for home detention or house arrest. In these cases, you are monitored for a certain amount of time. Unless you have known someone who has been on house arrest, it may be difficult to know exactly what to expect. Laws and requirements change depending on the state, but some points are uniform throughout.

It’s Not Usually 24/7

Most times, your house arrest will come with a schedule. You will be permitted to leave your home for court appearances, doctor’s appointments, work, school, counseling, and even church.

There’s no Time Credit

If you have previously been in jail, you know that some inmates are rewarded for good behavior with time credit that reduces their sentence. With house arrest, there is no time credit. If you received six months home detention, you will have to carry out the full six months.

You Must Pay for Your Monitor

When you are accepted into the home detention program, you will be required to pay weekly or monthly service fees. These fees cover the cost of being monitored and can range from $100-$300 per week.

You Can Expect to be Watched

An official will visit your home before beginning the program to inspect the site. Once you are home and the program has begun, you can expect to be checked on. This may include in-person visits at any time or observance from afar. Your observers are allowed to be in plain clothing and in any vehicle, so don’t assume they will look like law enforcement.

All-in-all, house arrest can be very beneficial to a person who is willing to follow the rules. When you need home detention tracking services for yourself or a client in Wichita, KS, call Axis Monitoring and begin your program on the right foot.

Am I Eligible for House Arrest?

wichita, KS house arrest monitoringNon violent offenders in Kansas and Arkansas could qualify for house arrest. In cases such as these, the offender would be required to purchase a monitoring device. AXIS Monitoring offers SCRAM house arrest monitoring devices. These devices attach to the offender’s ankle and contain GPS location data, to track the person’s every move. Here are some characteristics of a person who might be eligible for house arrest:

Brief Criminal History

If you have a long record of criminal behavior, the chances of you qualifying for house arrest are slim to none. However, those who have a pretty clean record, have a solid chance to be given house arrest or curfew. In cases like this, purchasing a monitor like the SCRAM house arrest device monitor, will be a requirement.

Non Violent Offense

If the crime you committed was violent in nature, you will not be eligible for house arrest. Those who committed nonviolent crimes, and do not have an excessive history of similar crimes, could be eligible for house arrest. Possession of drug paraphernalia for first time offenders might not warrant jail time, depending on how the judge rules the case.

Proof of Employment

If you have a steady job history, your chances of qualifying for house arrest increase exponentially. By showing the judge that you are earning income, you are presenting yourself as a functional member of society, and one who deserves leniency. In cases where kids are dependent on your income, house arrest becomes a very real option. For SCRAM monitoring devices, call AXIS Marketing at 844-267-9600

Reasons Why Alcohol Monitoring Devices Are Beneficial

Reasons Why Alcohol Monitoring Devices Are Beneficial

With Monitoring Devices, You Can Decrease You Chance Of Getting Arrested.

One of the most effective ways to ensure you don’t consume any alcohol while you are on probation or because of a court order is through ankle monitoring. While it might seem like uncomfortable devices it is one of the most accurate alcohol monitoring devices out there. There are many benefits to having an ankle monitor if you are on probation or if there is a court order. Here are reasons why alcohol monitoring devices are beneficial

Testing Every 30 Minutes

Instead of giving a urine sample of taking a breathalyzer, alcohol monitoring devices make the process a whole lot easier! An ankle monitor is able to test a person every 30 minutes. This can cut down on going to get tested and ensure you stay sober between mandated urine and blood testing.

Can Prevent DUIs and DWIs

Because alcohol monitoring devices test you every 30 minutes, you never have a chance to consume alcohol, which could increase your chances of getting a DUI or a DWI.

Cannot Come Off

You have to have alcohol monitoring devices professionally installed and removed from your ankle. There is no way for someone to remove the ankle monitor without it alerting the authorities, so it’s a great way to make sure you are following the rule of your probation or court order and will keep you safe in the process.

24/7 Monitoring

The biggest and most beneficial reason alcohol monitoring are great because they give you 24/7 monitoring. You can stay safe and remain alcohol-free.

If you need SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring in Wichita, KS, give Axis Monitoring a call today at 844-267-9600 for high-quality SCRAM products.




SCRAM Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring: Helping Your Case

Photo of SCRAMWhen dealing with first-time or repeat offenders, there is a certain amount of faith the law extends to the offender. When assigned regular breathalyzer tests, the expectation is that you won’t miss your testing times. However, the first thing that can fall to the wayside is the test. Whether it is due to consumption of alcohol or you just forgot, this can land you in hot water with the courts that have required you to take these tests. In order to be compliant with the law, you need some help. SCRAM Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring systems allow you to remain compliant and even go the extra mile to ensure you are shown to be working with the law enforcement for your case.

Ways SCRAM Helps You Work With Law Enforcement

#1 Facial Recognition

The alcohol tests of the past used to be easily duped. People would have a sober individual blow into the system, showing they were not intoxicated and did not imbibe that evening. This dishonest behavior could land the offender in trouble later. With the SCRAM system, facial recognition allows the system to tell the courts and law enforcement that you are not only complying but being trustworthy. It will report a pass and confirm that you are doing your due diligence.

#2 Testing Reminders

One of the hardest things is remembering to take the test when you first get it or when a stressful situation is occurring in your life. SCRAM systems provide an audible reminder to you to assist you in your testing. This mobile device can be taken anywhere on the go, meaning you can go to a family function without worrying about missing your testing time. The system can even do so in a dead zone, or area without a cell connection. It’s all a part of how the system helps you.

#3 GPS Locating

Some cases also require you to stay in a certain area or town. Your SCRAM Remote Breath Alcohol Monitoring can double as a GPS locator, allowing the courts to see that you are not only complying with your alcohol testing but remaining in the area. This also helps in the event of accidents. If you miss a test because you forgot it at home or in the car and report it to your law enforcement agency or court, they can verify your story using the GPS system.

Axis Monitoring provides you with SCRAM systems for your case and situation in Kansas and Arkansas. Need a system for your case? Call 844-267-9600 today!

4 Common Myths About Drug Testing

When it comes to taking drug tests, it is very hard to pinpoint what rules are true or false. Drug tests can be a scary thing to go through, but knowing what drug testing myths are true and what is fake can give you a peace of mind. Here are four common myths about drug testing.

Drug testing myths

Know What Drug Testing Myths Are True and False.

Drinking a Ton of Water Will Help You Pass

Yes, drinking a ton of water can dilute your urine, but is usually a red flag. In addition to monitoring drug levels, urine tests will also monitor the level of creatinine in your system. Creatine is a byproduct of the digestion process and when there are low levels of creatine in your system, that can lead to more advanced drug testing.

Secondhand Smoke Will Make You Fail a Test

It can be scary if you are at a party and someone is smoking around you. Unless you are in a small room with a hundred people smoking in your face, you should be okay. There isn’t enough THC in the air for it to be passed on to someone who isn’t smoking.

Saliva Swab Can’t Detect Weed

This is one of those drug testing myths that is completely untrue. This is an easy and cost-effective way to get results fast. The swab can be given out anytime and you can get the results almost immediately.

Home Remedies Can Help You Pass

Not true. People will have a magical remedy that they swear works, but in all honesty, it never does.

If you need drug testing for a client or someone you know in Arkansas or Kansas, please give Axis Monitoring a call today at 844-267-9600.

Avoid Alcohol Related Jail Time With SCRAM

Until recently, alcohol related mistakes were practically a guaranteed ticket to prison, particularly for repeat offenders. However, new technology allows us to accurately monitor first time and repeat offenders alike, to help more citizens avoid alcohol related jail time. Thanks to these advances, a judge may now decide to allow an offender to undergo alcohol monitoring instead of jail time, depending on his or her situation.

Alcohol related jail time

Alcohol Monitoring with Axis Monitoring

If you are appointed to undergo alcohol monitoring, Axis Monitoring is here to help! We offer two primary forms of alcohol monitoring, chosen according to the level of restriction required. For first time or low level offenders, the SCRAM Remote Breath Alcohol Monitor is the usual requirement. You merely blow into the device, and the device transmits the results to the appropriate official.

Next, for repeat offenders, or severe cases of alcohol abuse, courts may require a SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitor ankle device. This unit is tamper proof, and detects alcohol levels as low a 0.02% through the skin. Additionally, it tests your skin every 30 minutes, as opposed to surprise probation officer visits. The ankle monitor is not only more precise, it also saves time and resources for our justice system!

Using our monitoring devices does more than help you avoid alcohol related jail time. In addition to easing stress for you, participating in these programs takes a financial load off of your local government and taxpayers. The yearly cost of sustaining an adult in prison is roughly $20,000 per year. Our monitoring systems are priced at a mere fraction of that! If you or someone you know has been given court permission to use alcohol monitoring systems, give Axis Monitoring in Kansas and Arkansas a call at 844-267-9600 today!

You can come to us, or we can come to you. We make it easy!

How Does House Arrest Monitoring Work?

Home Arrest Monitoring in Kansas and ArkansasThere’s no doubt that house arrest is a better option than serving time in jail. You may be wondering how House Arrest Monitoring works. The first step to take after you are sentenced to house arrest is to contact a licensed monitoring company, like Axis Monitoring. Your monitoring company will ask you some questions to get an idea of your monitoring needs. You may only need house arrest monitoring or if you may also require drug and alcohol monitoring services too. Next, your monitoring company will contact your supervision officer, and/or the court to inform them of your compliance with their orders.

Setting Up Your Monitoring Devices

Your monitoring company will meet with you to set up your monitoring services in jail, or in the comfort of your own home. In terms of making your house arrest simple and comfortable, a lot depends on the monitoring company you choose. A quality monitoring company, like Axis Monitoring will be in contact with both you and your supervising officer, in case you have questions.

Can You Cheat Your Device?

The simple answer here is NO. Modern house arrest monitoring devices have multiple levels of anti-tampering measures built in. The SCRAM House Arrest Device for instance has an anti-tamper strap, and also monitors BMI and temperature. Alcohol and drug monitoring systems are equally complex. The SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device tests your alcohol level every 30 minutes. It is also equipped with heat monitoring to detect any obstructions one may place in between the device and skin. The best option is to “do your time” and try to make your house arrest period as simple as possible.