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post-trial monitoring Wichita, KSHas a court assigned you to electronic monitoring? The good news is you can lead a productive life outside jail with these services. Axis Monitoring is here to help. We offer drug, alcohol and location monitoring products and services throughout both Kansas and Arkansas! Contact us at 844-267-9600 or visit one of our partner locations to begin our post-trial monitoring services!

Our company wants to use the technology available to us to help keep communities safer and reduce the repeat offenses. Not only that but they also save governments and taxpayers’ money. The fact is, electronic monitoring costs far less than it does to house a person in jail or prison. Our company takes pride in bringing the very best services to our area with the help of our superior products.

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What We Do

Axis Monitoring offers several products meant to monitor GPS location, alcohol use and drug use. Our products allow our clients to stay out of jail and lead productive lives while following court orders.

Without superior monitoring services, our products would not be nearly as effective! We keep an eye on our clients for their supervision officers 24/7. Our monitors don’t hesitate to let the courts know if someone violates their orders. However, they additionally provide support and testimony for our clients in court!

Altogether, our company makes sure all our clients are aware of the monitoring process. In order to do this, we keep courts updated on client progress every step of the way! Rather than keeping clients in jail, we use GPS and other technologies to let them lead productive lives. Our company also keeps our clients at home with their families and attending their jobs.

Our electronic monitoring company is fully licensed to serve all counties in Arkansas and Kansas with valuable products and services. As a result of our services, we ensure that our clients successfully complete their court-ordered monitoring. All in all, our goal is to bring our clients the easiest and most seamless monitoring services possible! Give us a call at 844-267-9600 now for our post-trial monitoring in Wichita, KS and beyond!