About Axis Monitoring

Axis Monitoring Wichita, KSWe are a company supplying drug tests, GPS devices and alcohol monitoring products. However, our work as a supplier is truly just the beginning of our outstanding services. We do more for our clients, supervision officers and courts by providing testimony and support in court hearings for our clients. Axis Monitoring in Wichita, KS also offers monitoring of all the devices we sell to make sure our clients are following court orders. Our professionals can mold each monitoring program to fit your specific court orders or jurisdiction. Since we serve a wide area across two states, this is imperative. Call us at 844-267-9600 now to begin using our effective products!

Why Choose Axis Monitoring?

Ultimately, we recognize that the future of the criminal justice system will likely rely on the technology in the products we supply. Thus, our company wants to find proven effective alternatives to imprisonment for charges that reduce recidivism and incarceration rates! Our products keep communities safer and clients sober. Plus, they tend to cost less than keeping someone in jail or prison!

Your Alcohol Monitoring Specialists

If you need anything from an alcohol screening bracelet to a PharmChek® Patch, our company can provide it for you! Call Axis Monitoring in Wichita, KS at 844-267-9600 today for our outstanding products and unbeatable monitoring services!